Launching a PPC Campaign

This weeks article is from a Auto Body Shop out of Boise Idaho and speaks about setting up a successful PPC campaign.  Thank you for your contribution.

There are many factors that determine the success or failure of a PPC (pay per click) campaign and one of those is the time when you launch. In fact, many campaigns which would have been successful have failed simply because the person who performed the launch did so at the wrong time. Quite regrettably, the mistakes made at the launch might prove impossible to correct at a later date.
A good PPC campaign is likely to show fruits after a short period of time and it would therefore be a grave mistake to launch your campaign after your peak season. The reason for this is pretty obvious – since you have just gone past the most important selling season, there isn’t much you expect to gain from a marketing campaign and your ad money will be wasted.
For similar reasons, a campaign launched in the middle of the season is also unlikely to be effective. Since you have no way of telling when the campaign will start to show results, launching mid-season might mean that the peak season could be over by the time when your campaign starts to take effect. To save your marketing money, it helps to study the seasons properly and to launch way before your peak season begins.
When you launch a PPC campaign you need ample time to see its results. Should you then launch when you have inadequate time, chances are that you’ll fail to take the immediate remedial measures that could make your campaign successful. That is why it would be unwise to launch late in the week or month or when you are just to go on vacation. Launching in such periods will affect not only your reporting efforts but also your ability to compare the results of the campaign from one month to the next.
The launch of a successful campaign needs to be carefully thought through and it’d therefore be a grave mistake to launch under pressure.
Pressure can come in many forms. You might be pressured to re-launch after performing dismally with a campaign. The trouble with succumbing to this kind of pressure is that you might not have taken any corrective actions to make your new campaign different from the preceding one. You should therefore take your time to find out what you did wrong and what corrective actions you need to take. Seeking professional help before re-launching might prove useful.

YAY Summer

Summer has finally began.  Please follow our blog and feel free to send in any articles you would like us to share.   Our first article of the summer is from an Autobody shop in Spokane, WA speaking directly about Poker.  Allen is a seasoned player –  Thank you!!

Some people use online gambling as a stress buster. For others, online gambling is an activity that is used for recreation. Regardless of the motivation for gambling online, all players have one thing in common – they hope to make money. While some players enjoy great success gambling, others perform dismally. How does this happen? How can you, as a player, make your gambling profitable? While gambling is a game of chance, there are many mistakes that you could make and avoiding them will help you make some real cash.

Avoid greed
Nothing hurts players more than greed. When you play and win, there is the temptation to feel that you have at last developed some infallibility and that henceforth you’ll keep winning. With your newly acquired confidence, you might then risk all your winnings but it is unlikely that you’ll win that big again. In most cases, players who risk all their winnings actually end up losing everything. The advisable thing to do after a big win is to set aside some of your winning for use in later games otherwise you might end up regretting when your good fortune is wiped out in a single day.

Attempting to recoup loses too quickly
When you play and lose, it is usually tempting to try and recoup your loses immediately. Some players will therefore go ahead and make an immediate wager using a bigger amount of money than what they played with initially. Should they lose again, they might get tempted to even triple their wager – this vicious cycle will go on until the player gets wiped out. Again, it is important to exercise discipline when gambling – if you notice that you are on a losing streak, it is more prudent to take a break and play later when the tide might turn in your favor.

Providing wrong personal data
When registering with an online casino, some people, in an attempt to keep their identities secret, provide wrong personal details. While some casinos might verify those details at the registration stage, some do the verification much later. The trouble with providing incorrect details is that the casino might conduct the verification when you have already won and wish to withdraw your winnings. When the verification proves that the name you used to register is different from the one on your identifying documents, you’ll not receive your winnings. This is rather sad. When you register with a reputable casino, you really have no need to hide your details or even feel worried about making online payments.